Maitresse Madeline extreme hard caning her slave girltoy

This classic shoot is just to good to stay buried! Before Maitresse Madeline became a director at she walked into the Armory for the first time and was paired with one of’s toughest and hottest subs, Vendetta! Vendetta’s a employee who spices up her day by stepping out of the Armory offices and into the dungeons to be dominated and fucked.

Vendetta receives a caning too extreme to show on our preview page! She’s restrained in “The Wall” until she’s dripping sweat from her perfect skin. There is great punishment and strap-on action and both girls have strong orgasms! For those who have seen this before it’s even better the second time around and for those who haven’t your in for a real treat! Don’t miss this classic archive!

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Bound silly student licking Domme’s ass and cunt, then gets rough strapon fucked

A silly student, Madison gifts her teacher, Sandra Romain, a banana dripping in pussy juice. Sandra doesn’t think this is funny at all and ties Madison Young back in a severe arch, exposing her pussy for a good working. Sandra jams Madison’s panties down her throat, then suspends her bitch by one ankle and forces her to lick her ass and cunt.


With a vibrator applied to her pussy and whipped hard with the classroom ruler, Madison has a hard orgasm, followed by a deep strapon fucking while bent forward in a strict strapado. Her final punishment is payback for her original sin, she’s ordered to lick Sandra Romain’s strapon cock clean of her own cunt juices.

What a lovely classroom, with these “whore house” on the wall! Very theoretical atmosphere, indeed… Well! And what have we got into it? A young “ingenue” (word from France, guys) in bunches, with scottish uniform, and some gorgeous teacher with raven swing hear. So, this young Maddison has had green banana play alone with her “sandra” : see the scandal? Give her pussy her teacher’s name! That’s deserves school discipline! SO-SOOOH! Two dommes interfere to make it full : Chanta, behind the scene, with a “thought to be hard” bondage ; Sandra, on the scene, showing the soft side of her sadistic personality, believing that little excruciated person were to be comforted into pain…

ERROR, great ERROR, guys! Under the classroom ingenue, you have an athlete here, just coming into town from the ranch I guess (Ah! the Far-West : always), who has played lassos with her brothers in her youth (she was the cow), and – who knows what happened into the high grass in the end when the suns were declining in those green days? I think she discovered the fakir trick of rising straight the rope, and this vertical thing arose her interest somehow… So : Chanta’s bondage, however retraining, was very “comfortable” to her ; and Sandra’s coolness a sort of sweet breeze upon her skin.

Whahaaaa! This Maddison just fills the screen with her presence (French : «elle crève l’écran»), and while playing the ingenue wonderfully with her mimics (great time), kept lusting for hard rodeo at the end of some lasso (lasso’s a bigger rope than bondage one). A domme, in substance, I fear it, and if I dare, here, TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM actually…

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Lesbian Bondage: Lesbian Domme and her Lesbian plaything

Lily LaBeau makes her debut as a domme with local cutie Ginger Gates! Ginger has never been fucked with a strap-on before and is interested in having new experiences. She herself would love to domme one day. No better way to learn than at the foot of another woman.

Lily’s a sassy domme molding Ginger into her lesbian plaything for the day. Rope bondage, flogging, OTK spanking, wax play, foot worship, ass licking, strap-on fucking and anal are all included.

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Lesbian Domination: Girl tied up, gagged and humiliated by busty blonde Mistress

Audrey Lords is a little brat, and her maid is tired of cleaning up after her mess.

So, she decides to teach her a lesson by tying her up, shocking her cunt, and making her clean her own dirty panties, with her mouth!

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Lesbian Bondage: blonde Flower Tucci gets gagged, tied up and flogged

Flower Tucci is new to BDSM and bondage, but she’s well known for her prodigious squirting talents. Chanta Rose gags her, ties her to a wall, and flogs her front. The first of many forced orgasms is thrust upon her as weights are clamped to her nipples. Reversed into a pile-driver position, Flower Tucci’s great snatch is filled with a large electrode and shocks are applied.


This makes her cum so hard her cunt forcefully shoots the electrode out. So it’s replaced with a nice ass plug. More squirts are forced out of her talented and generous pussy. Flower is suspended and Chanta Rose shoves her toes right into her asshole. More orgasms, more squirting. Finally her beautiful ass is strapon fucked, hard. Flower cums uncontrollably for one last time and buries her face into Chanta’s ass for a well deserved licking.

2 fine beauties!
I checked with pics of you Chanta, from those websites you know, a few years back. You were pretty then, with outstanding tits. But it is now that you are really attractive. You have gained a few punds, which does marvels for your thighs and ass. You have the gift from nature of wide hips and a small waist and chest. That shape comes to its right when you are a little more ample than before.

I think you look gorgeous now. You made a remark, was it in the forum, about being reluctant to do model work right now. Don’t be, a good photographer will easily capture your fine qualities. Flower too has a perfect body, though different from yours, with a super ass. But in the comparison, I think I would vote for yours, if I had to vote. You appear totally naked in some vids – that is very becoming for you! 5 kisses from me!

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Lesbian Domination: Sensual Bondage Ties

A blonde and a brunette have fun playing bondage games together. In a kitchen, the brunette ties up the blonde, to the blondes great pleasure, and then the tables are turned, and the blonde ties up the brunette. There is a lot of kissing, nipple-licking, and other lez action.

The blonde and brunette take turns tying each other up again, while kissing each others mouth and boobs and fingering each others clit. We get a close-up of a really juicy cunny … we can tell the girls must be getting seriously into the lez action and the bondage play too. This is not a serious domination scene but rather a depiction of how much fun two girls can have when tying each other up.

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Girl on Girl Humiliation: slave blonde bound and gagged

A woman ties another woman up across a sawhorse and in various other positions. The black-clad dominatrix in leather boots and patterned stockings ties up another woman in her well-equipped dungeon. She verbally orders her around and leads her by a rope, ties her further, whips her lightly with a cat o nine tails, and generally makes her act subservient, which the submissive seems to have no trouble with.

The dominatrix ties and reties her captive, while the captive struggles in vain against her bonds. But the dom always has the upper hand. And enjoys it.

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Helpless woman is bound, humiliated, denigrated, and abused by lesbian Domme and Master

A Master and a Mistress train a slave in bonds, using a vibrator and demanding lesbian action from her. A woman is bound, humiliated, denigrated, and abused. Her breasts are grasped painfully and are slapped. Her pussy is grasped and her clit manipulated against her will, all while she sits atop a cage, which another woman is made to enter naked on her hands and knees.

The caged woman is required to frig herself while the chained woman is required to submit to vibrator-induced orgasms utilizing a large, electrically powered vibe. We also see lez clit-licking.

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Babe bound, gagged, and tied in place, she cannot escape

Bound, gagged, and tied in place, she cannot escape. In high heels and cut-off shorts, the girl is quite a sight as she lies in manacles, trapped and unable to escape. Then she is stretched out with her arms pulled tight over her head in a horizontal position. She struggles mightly but cannot get free.

She struggles and struggles, fights against her bonds, moans and groans, and pants with the exertion of trying to get free, but it is all to no avail. She is securely captive, trapped and at her captors mercy. As much as she wants to get free, she has no hope.

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Lesbian BDSM: Slave lesbian babe totally bound and gagged

Two gals — total bondage — what is the driving force? Total bondage of one female by another. Do you believe there is a lesbian component to ANY scene that involves two women? Nothing yet, but keep watching…. Anyhow, when one woman dominates another, dont you perceive that as lezzy?

The one gal is totally bound and gagged. She cannot talk (because of the gag) to complain about the awkward position she is tied in, with hr feet elevated, or about the fact that her clothes are being collected–destined for God-knows-where. All she can do is…submit.

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Cute red head plucked off the street hung upside down and double penetrated!

Annabelle Lee is minding her own business in the city when Aiden Starr and Nyomi Banxxx pluck her right off the street. They bring her back to an abandoned slaughter house where the leader of their gang Maitresse Madeline spanks, flogs, humiliates and clamps her tits. Annabelle is used like a piece of meat and made to give each of the girls orgasms by ass licking, pussy licking and dildo gag.

lesbian domination lesbian domination lesbian domination lesbian domination lesbian domination lesbian domination

Annabelle is hung upside down like a cold piece of meat and made to worship feet while having her pussy pounded to orgasm with a dildo. She’s then wrestled down and fucked in both her holes at the same time till orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her cunt. See gallery.

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Mistress ties her busty bitch on her knees and fuck her fiercely with strapon

Awesome shoot! Sienna’s beautiful, and the emotion in this shoot was incredible. What an mix of intimidation, compassion, fear and “overwhelming” release (in Sienna’s word). I’m happy that she wants to come back, and definitely look forward to her next shoot. For added, emphasis, I repeat … Sienna’s beautiful! I really loved this shoot.

Sienna is just beginning to understand the true submissive nature of her sexuality and struggles a great deal to live up to Chanta’s expectations as she’s fiercely slapped around. She tries to keep a handle on this very emotional situation. In a tough standing position, held on her toes by her tied tits pulling her upwards and with arms tied behind her, she is forced to a powerful orgasm with a vibrator pressed against her clit.

But it’s not Chanta’s job to please her bitch, it’s the bitch’s job to show her appreciation, so Chanta flogs Sienna’s cunt and demands she show appreciation by thrusting her hips forward to expose more of her pussy to Chanta’s flogger. The next position is a tough one, more than enough for most slaves, but Chanta is no ordinary Mistress, so she ties her bitch on her knees, bent forward, with hair pulled backwards, and proceeds to fuck her fiercely with her strapon. See gallery.

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Nice rope bondage, violet wand, samurai in the ass, suspension, sticky pads, and spanking

Nicki Blue is so new to vaginal sex she can barely take a single finger in her cunt, her ass on the other hand swallows up fingers and toys like it’s hungry for more. Rain DeGrey ties up this fresh piece of meat and does what she can with her.

lesbian bondage lesbian bondage lesbian bondage lesbian bondage lesbian bondage lesbian bondage

Nice rope bondage, violet wand, samurai in the ass, suspension, sticky pads, and spanking. Nicki is definitely very new, and it shows. See gallery.

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Suspended in a blindfold, the bitch agonizes and screams in pleasure at the same time.

I am new to this site, but i think this is Chanta at her best. Wel done to Devaun for taking it, I have never seen anything like it but loved it.

Tied up and used, suspension and electro play … all things Devaun likes a lot. But the bitch will need to earn her rewards. Chanta will make her slave earn these things by taking a good beating, flogging, slapping, and hard suspension bondage.

Devaun’s pussy is tenderized with a solid whipping from the stinging cat-o-nine-tails. Suspended in a blindfold, the bitch agonizes and screams in pleasure at the same time. Finally she’s earned her biggest prize: a hard fuck from Chanta’s hard strapon cock. See gallery.

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Bounded girl gets get first fisting and first anal orgasm

Sometimes we luck out and a girl comes along who’s not only hot but tough as nails and willing to try anything. Cheyenne Jewel is just that and Aiden Starr is more than willing to dish out hard lesbian punishment and fetish sex to the nth degree. Cheyenne is secured to the wall and heavily flogged and single tailed.

first anal orgasm first anal orgasm first anal orgasm first anal orgasm first anal orgasm first anal orgasm

Weights are hung from her tender pussy lips. Clothes pins are purposefully placed along the most tender parts of her arms then ripped from her snow white flesh after an intense orgasm. She’s placed in an uncomfortable back bend position and made to lick ass. Her head is stuffed into stocks low on the floor with her ass up in the air and given a brutal ass paddling then strap-on fucked to more orgasms.Bounded girl gets get first fisting and first anal orgasm.

She’s tied with her legs up and open then fisted for the very first time in her life and fucked ravenously in the ass to her first anal orgasm! See gallery.

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